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Welcome to our homepage in English!
We have chosen not to expose all the details of our lives on these pages. In time, we hope to be able to make these pages give an interesting view on some of our interests. We hope some of it interests you as well.
The norwegian pages will always be more up to date, but we will let the updates reflect in the english pages too, when time allows it. If you don't find anything interesting here, we have a growing collection of links in our link page...

Rune & Janne got married!

We got married June 27th 1998. Our wedding was a success and we are now husband and wife! ...and life goes on... ;-)

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- about the owners of the page

Information about our respective interests and professions. You will find our email-adresses here.

fun page

- the fun page

Jokes, stories and other stuff that at least make us smile or laugh.


- page of links to other pages

Somtimes when you surf the web, we find some pages of particular interest that we want to share with others. This is the page for links to those pages.
The links are divided into categories.


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Last change: October 27th, 1998